PUBG Has Tweaked Blue Zone Speed In New Update

Pat Wise
April 13, 2018

The main tweak they are doing in the PC 1.0 update is changing the timing of the Blue zone which is a shrinking death circle which makes player gather in the same spot as time passes by in the game.

This is clearly little more than a joke, but at least the developer of this ransomware wasted his time making something amusing rather than something that will result in your parents calling you to figure out how to wire money.

The maximum movement speed of the blue zone has been reduced.

The damage inflicted by 7th, 8th, and 9th blue zones has been increased.

We've adjusted safe zone and blue zone functionality.

As the end of the match approaches, the safe zone will increasingly favor areas with land over areas with water.

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PUBG's new map Savage got its first round of beta testing on PC earlier in the month, and now players who missed out are getting another chance to give it a try. Oh, and clothing spawns are out now, too.

Elsewhere, PUBG update 10 tinkers around with the Miramar map, specifically the northern part of the battleground, in order to 'make it more appealing.' As such, travel has been facilitated by the addition of more roads, off-road paths, and auto spawning locations, while the Oasis is now found in the north area and a new village has set up shop in the northwest.

Most notable are the introduction of a lake in the north, the new village Alcantara in the northwest, and several new off-road paths in the northeast.

We've optimized the GPU performance of buildings seen from mid-range (all maps).

If you are a team leader, you can now kick your team members.

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