Mice ate missing drugs, say fired police

Kenny Tucker
April 13, 2018

Eight police officers in Argentina have been sacked after they claimed that a half a ton of marijuana that disappeared from an evidence locker was eaten by mice.

There was 6,000kg of marijuana registered in the warehouse last year, but mysteriously, only 5,460kg remained this year.

Eight police officers in Argentina have been fired after claiming mice ate missing cannabis.

Officials found that there were 5,460 kilograms of cannabis in the storage unit, 540 kilograms less than the amount that was supposed to be there.

In their testimony, Specia and three former officials that worked under him claimed that the mice ate the drug, which was quickly debunked by forensic science experts, who said that such a thing is biologically impossible.

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Scientists have cast doubt on the officers' claim, saying mice wouldn't mistake the drug for food.

They claimed rodents had eaten the stockpile after it was discovered missing during an inspection at the warehouse for impounded drugs in Pilar, 60 kilometers away from Buenos Aires. And in the unlikely situation that they did, they would most likely die and there would've been evidence of dead mice in the warehouse.

The officers are due to testify before a judge about what truly happened to the missing drugs next month, the New York Daily News reported. The judge will seek to determine if the missing marijuana was the result of "expedience or negligence".

Specia also faces an internal police investigation into why he has not yet presented his sworn income statement for 2017.

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