$12,000,000 of Paragon content for FREE

Sheri Evans
March 20, 2018

More "Paragon" assets to come this year!

$12 million buys some detailed character models. but you can have them for free. On top of that, there are 1,500 environment and map files being handed over to the public.

A sample environment of the kind that can be created with the Paragon assets. Not only that, but animator Jay Hosfel will be participating in a Twitch livestream for Unreal teaching interested designers how to set up the animation blueprints for the Paragon characters.

The software developer and engine firm has announced that studios using Unreal Engine 4 can now use all of the assets from the deceased title. It alway shows a great use of the "synergy" that can exist between Epic the game developer and Epic the engine maker.

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Epic Games announced in January that their free-to-play MMO, Paragon, will be shutting down in April. Developers on the Unreal Engine 4 platform will have more free assets to work with for free. Also, audio packs that include all announcer dialogue. Environment assets now include a sample map to use as a base and over 1,500 objects from the Monolith and Agora maps.

Epic plans to release additional Paragon assets in the future, and has said more will be landing in spring and summer.

This has just been the first wave of the free releases! So while the official game will be closing down, it can live on in spirit should developers choose to utilise the assets being released.

Epic's situation here is kind of unique, since it has a marketable game engine to promote and an attention-grabbing Fortnite cash cow, which means it can effectively give away the Paragon IP without issue.

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