'The Flash' Season 4 spoilers: New metahuman villains and Dawn Allen teased

Bessie Dean
March 15, 2018

What are we in for this week? She first made her entrance during the crossover episode "Crisis on Earth X" on Supergirl. All fans should have loved seeing Iris get a chance to play hero, and the overall season 4 plot moved forward in ways both small and large.

Read on to find out.

Has Harry screwed up by creating the Thinking Cap? Later on, Iris lets indecision almost lead to tragedy when she faces the fire meta directly. If all Run, Iris, Run ended up being was a fun Candice Patton spotlight, I would have been fine with that.

More Metas - As a wealthy-looking meta, Eric Fry, is robbing a bank, another meta, Matthew Kim, lets him know that he shouldn't be using his powers for evil. This eventually leads to...

At home, Iris explains that she gave the speed back to Barry because being the Flash is his destiny, his way of helping others, not hers. As Iris physically engages the enemies in battle, Barry will serve as the team's leader.

One of the wildly popular theories suggests that Kennedy's character is Iris and Barry's future daughter and speedster Dawn Allen. This subplot gave us more of that delightful Harry/Cisco banter, but it also called into question just how far Harry is willing to go to beat DeVoe and how much of himself he might lose in the process.

After Iris did save the day (in the midst of a pretty cool sequence and showdown to go along with it), Barry and Iris used the meta responsible for the swap in Melting Pot in order to be a buddy of sorts for Ralph.

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Also, at the end of the episode Iris started to write again. After discovering that DeVoe hides out in dimensional pockets, Barry realizes that he needs to become fast enough to jump into DeVoe's dimensional shift when the two face off. Barry, determined as ever, enlists Cisco to help him with the task by opening and closing breaches as Barry tries to run through them before they close. Generally, it's hard to come up with a benevolent reason for her to be stalking Team Flash. Barry's response? Send her into the field... Well, thanks to this week's episode, now Joe is a member in a club of one. Or does another character make more mistakes? So she just picks it up by being a good listener? I don't know if I could see Barry or Cisco or anyone else handling that situation in quite the same way. Iris finds running at super-speed is the easy part, while slowing down is a bit trickier.

While escorting a large ARGUS container, Joe comes under heavy fire and Team Flash comes to help.

But for me, the ultimate sign that Iris got it right, and that the show got it right, was in a small moment with her father after she brings down the bad guy.

But what if she did have powers?

The final scene: Harry wants to jeep pushing the limits of the Thinking Cap, and he has the names of the last two bus metas. Barry trains Iris to be a speedster while Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) does the science, figuring out how Matthew's powers work on a molecular level.

'Sup, speedsters? Sorry I've been away the last few episodes, but I left you in excellent hands with Kayt, Delia, and Marc, part of my very own Team Flash.

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