Rally 4 Revealed for PC and Consoles

Kenny Tucker
March 15, 2018

But since V-Rally 3 came out so long ago, the series has laid dormant, leaving some fans wondering if it would ever kick up its tires again.

It is in development at French WRC studio Kylotonn Racing Games, which previous year released three fairly middling racing games in WRC 7, FlatOut 4: Total Insanity, and TT Isle of Man.

Kylotonn are promising that V-Rally 4 will strike the same balance between "sensation, presentation, and simulation" as the original. V-Rally 4 gives players the ability to race using 50 models "of emblematic rallying and extreme motorsports vehicles" that are designed after real-world cars and famous tracks. "It's an extraordinary title that I have a very special connection to". The series first made its debut on PSone back in 1997 and was last seen in 2002 with V-Rally 3 being the final entry on PlayStation 2. They managed to bring back V-Rally 3's design director, Alain Jarniou, who is now working on V-Rally 4.

The muddy off-road romp will throw rally enthusiasts into a number of extreme track conditions while taking in the sights across Africa, Japan, and Sequoia Park, and you'll also have the opportunity to master your drifting skills across hazardous courses and hop into an all-terrain Buggy to tackle some 'particularly rugged tracks'. Not for the faint of heart!

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Three iconic cars are showcased in the V-Rally 4 announcement trailer: a Porsche 911 Safari, a Ford Mustang and a Ford Fiesta RS RX.

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With more than 25 games released on all platforms, from the very first generation of consoles to today's latest generation, Kylotonn has a solid reputation in the industry. It was considered to be the hardest rally game of all times. Kylotonn is comprised of 60 developers, and has their own 3D engine: the Kt Engine 3D.

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