'This is Us' star Hannah Zeile teases Season 2 finale

Bessie Dean
March 14, 2018

"I think she is now really emotionally prepared to be that person for him". They renew their vows at the cabin and talk about their life together over the past 40 years.

In an equally wrenching scene, Rebecca recalls the first day she ever met Jack - remember back in the season one finale when she was singing in that bar? - and then pays tribute to that moment with a lovely rendition of "Moonshadow", the same song she was singing on the day Jack first set eyes on her. Jack tears up, and so do I, and so does everybody. The most tense moment of this finale episode came when Toby made the case to his doubtful parents that Kate truly was the one for him-displaying a confidence that only made the moment that followed, when Kate seemed to be faltering, even more painful to watch.

"I think what's so cool about this show is that the adults were introduced at their 36th birthday, so there's a whole time gap between when we come, when we're supposed to be about 15-17, to 36 years old", she said. Aside from gushing about how lucky her future husband will be, he adds that he will be there on her wedding day to walk her down the aisle and give her away. This should promise a lighter and brighter future for her, as she fully commits herself to the new love of her life, the man her father said would be better than him. Looks like the Pearsons are going to be dealing with her abandonment issues heading into the next season.

Fans have to wait until Season 3 to figure out exactly who Randall and Tess were discussing, but we already have theories about who it could be.

The episode ended with the glimpse into the future, which we're recapping below.

Randall: She might kill us both not in our sleep.

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She reiterated that Randall and Beth only have Deja's best interest at heart; although the situation is a bit hard because Deja's birth mother is still a big part of that picture. This is a situation where Kate may have to take the lead on that front, ' Berger said. Zoe, for the short term, seems to make some sort of impression on Deja, as the teen actually gets dressed for the wedding (but then later goes missing at the end).

Things are looking up for Kevin (Justin Hartley). Deja has understandably been acting out after her mother abandoned her at the Pearson household. Beth was probably at home making pot brownies or doing her hair and being awesome. Cut to Future Randall and Tess and he says it's time to go see her and Tess says she's not ready. We might not be wondering how Jack died anymore, but the series sprinted out of the shadow of that enormous storyline with the introduction of three - count them! - new cliffhangers that'll have you theorizing all summer long.

At the same time, the episode leapt beyond the day's moments of happiness - and its comedic flourishes, an underrated aspect of the show - to scenes that deftly laid the groundwork for a third season and beyond.

But if it isn't Deja whom Randall and Tess are referring to, could it be Beth or Annie? And, don't worry, the show will return for a third season in the fall. Toby will never be able to replace Jack in Kate's heart, but he's damned well deserving of his own full-sized space there.

One thing we do know for sure, it's going to be a long hiatus. Want more news? Like our This Is Us Facebook page.

"[Beth and Randall] always knew going into the foster parent experience that it would not necessarily be the easiest road, and it would be a road that had good times and had bad times".

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