Donald Trump Meets Experts To Discuss Violence In Video Games

Sheri Evans
March 11, 2018

Peter Navarro, Trump's trade and manufacturing adviser, said in an interview on Fox Business on Wednesday that the tariffs would go into effect within about 15 to 30 days and that the proclamation signed by the president would include a clause that would not immediately impose tariffs on Canada and Mexico. It would be a more convincing argument if his administration hadn't been continually limiting people's access to and understanding of mental health, while simultaneously making it easier for the mentally ill to get guns.

In 2011, the highest court in the land struck down a California ban on the sale of violent video games to children.

Those who attended the meeting with Trump today described it as either the same old song and dance from the entertainment industry to "a good meeting" and that the President was "very interested in the data".

The president again pondered the role violent video games play in shaping young minds during a freewheeling meeting with lawmakers last week on how to strengthen school safety. According to Kotaku, Robert Trump will attend the White House meeting. In a conference call with reporters after the meeting, Henson said some clips of violent games were played at the start of the meeting.

But Trump said during the meeting that some studies have found a correlation between video game violence and real violence, the White House said.

Further, Parents Television Council (PTC) suggested in a recent paper that the entertainment industry is to be blamed directly for the school shootings.

President Trump has made video games a focus as he looks for solutions to gun violence after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida.

If anyone from The White House is reading this and wants to discuss it further, meet me at Rust.

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"Discounting the absurdity of linking these outcomes to school shootings, given the dire concerns expressed by politicians you might guess that playing violent video games increase these minor forms of aggression by around 40 or 50 percent", they wrote in an article on Feb.16 for Rolling Stone.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a lobbying group for the video game industry, said it sees Thursday's meeting as an opportunity for a "fact-based conversation about video game ratings, our industry's commitment to parents, and the tools we provide to make informed entertainment choice". "Discussions should not be limited to just video games and guns".

(The White House posted the video to its YouTube account, without an age gate, despite the mature content. IGN also reposted it).

Attendees of the meeting included video game developers, members of Congress, representatives from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), and critics of violent video games. "We appreciate the President's receptive and comprehensive approach to this discussion".

"We are deeply concerned about the level of gun violence in the United States". But the scientific community has not come down definitively on whether violent video games cause criminal violence.

Back in February, PTC President Tim Winter said in a statement sent to the Deseret News that he agreed with Trump after the USA president spoke out against graphic media.

Psychologist Patrick Markey noted that in his research, 80% of mass shooters showed no interest in violent video games.

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