'Saturday Night Live' mocks President Trump's physical exam

Kenny Tucker
January 22, 2018

Simple. A shutdown means the money that comes from the top to fund government agencies has been stopped. He begins the first anniversary of his inauguration on Saturday as the head of an administration that is out of funds. But the 71-year old president has proved set in his ways, trusting his instincts over the advice of his aides, and there is no reason to expect that won't continue.

While it must not be a jolly day for President Trump, there are more pressing issues for the United States government at the moment.

He also claimed that he had recently undertaken a test on a treadmill which had been positioned at a 'very steep angle'. The move has already led Apple to announce it would repatriate its huge offshore cash hoardings of $252 billion to invest in the U.S. and helped push the stockmarket to record highs, boosting investor wealth and pension savings.

Parts of this story first appeared in Business Insider. Unemployment is down over the year, while U.S. consumer confidence has reached a 17-year high.

Like said above, a shutdown can only end when Senate reaches a compromise regarding the budget and the funding bill gets passed.

Obama - who is 15 years younger than Trump - assumed office at the age of 47, and the results from his 2016 physical painted a healthy picture.

The Islamic State has been forced into retreat with Iraq declaring a victory over the terror group late previous year.

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As for Iran, Haley said "the regime in Tehran is the leading cause of instability in an unstable part of the world". But the president warned that the USA would pull out in a few months unless "terrible flaws" in the deal are fixed.

He says though that the appearance of having "good genes", as well as not drinking or smoking, have enabled Trump to avoid the common symptoms associated with heart disease.

"The administration had a range of successes, but in many ways they were second-tier successes that Republicans were trying to sell as first-tier successes, important things but not really major accomplishments", said Austin-based conservative consultant Matt Mackowiak, president of the Potomac Strategy Group.

Trump's first legislative attempt, to repeal and replace Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act, ended in a spectacular failure.

He gets plenty of exercise on the golf course and at the White House complex, the president told Reuters on Wednesday. Michael Flynn, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci have all been and gone, with the team finally settling under chief of staff, General John Kelly. And while the Islamic State group's foothold in Iraq and Syria has been diminished, Trump is facing new questions about the role of US troops in the region. Other key posts have sat empty for months, including that of Ambassador to Australia, dubbed a "diplomatic insult" by former PM Tim Fischer. But Trump announced in September he would rescind the order and nix the deportation protections for more than 800,000 DACA recipients as of March 5, leaving it to Congress to re-establish the program through legislation. "His great work is hugely, hugely impeded if we lose that and I'm going to fight every single day between now and those elections to make sure that those majorities are stronger than ever". Some people just haven't done that as part of their routine.

GOP lawmakers frame the importance of keeping control of the House and Senate in self-serving terms for Trump: Democratic control would grant subpoena power to the president's fiercest critics. "But this is a signature issue for Trump".

"DREAMers", young immigrants brought to the USA illegally as children, have temporary legal protections under an Obama-era DACA program created under an executive order. Trump denied using that language but the controversy poisoned negotiations.

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