Simon Cowell signs X Factor's Grace Davies to his record label Syco!

Bessie Dean
January 14, 2018

But it appears the 20-year-old star is still coming out a victor, as she's reportedly set to sign a record deal under Simon's label, Syco.

And runner-up Grace Davies is reportedly set to sign a record deal under the music mogul's label, Syco.

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I'm working chuffing hard on that album!

A spokesperson for Simon Cowell confirmed the news to the paper, saying: "We can confirm that Grace will be signing to Syco Music".

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She recently tweeted a picture from the recording studio, adding that "Ya gal is making some bops 4 that album x (sic)". They've already enjoyed huge success, with their debut single "Dimelo" charting at number 2, and it looks likely that Grace will follow in their footsteps.

The next move for The X Factor's new stars will be to hit the road and travel around the United Kingdom on The X Factor Tour, and Grace will be joining them alongside Kevin Davy White, Matt Linnen, The Cutkelvins and Lloyd Macey plus a seventh as yet unannounced wildcard act.

Grace Davies finished in second place during last year's The X Factor 2017 Grand Final, but Simon Cowell has signed her anyway.

She impressed on The X Factor with both covers and songs she'd written herself so we reckon we can expect a fairly interesting first album from Grace. During her time on the show, Grace wowed with with her heartfelt offerings and we can not wait to hear more when she releases her debut album.

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