Hibernating Alligators Have to Poke Through Carolina Ice to Breathe

Bessie Dean
January 14, 2018

Those visiting frozen swamps in North Carolina a few days ago would have seen a very odd sight - alligator snouts poking out of the icy ponds, with their bodies frozen below.

How Alligators Survive in a Frozen Pond Will Shock You The Shallotte River Swamp park in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, shared a video showing alligators with their nostrils poking through the ice to survive the freezing temperatures.

"It's a survival mechanism", said George Howard, the general manager of the park, according to ABC News.

The park keeps 12 rescued gators that can not be returned to the wild after being kept in captivity. As Global News explained, alligators can not generate their own body heat because they are cold blooded.

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"(It's) just an absolute awesome survival technique and these guys were built tough millions of years ago and they remain tough today". Officials with the park say when the water or air temperature is too low for them to be active, they go into a state of brumation, similar to hibernation.

And alligators, The Washington Post explained, aren't the only critters to behave this way.

In a rarely seen occurrence, video released on Monday (January 8) showed alligators trying to stay alive in a frozen North Carolina pond by sticking their snouts through the ice.

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