Warning issued after teens eat laundry detergent pods for new internet challenge

Kenny Tucker
January 12, 2018

After the "Mannequin challenge" and "Invisible Box challenge", a new kind of stunt is all the craze in social media at the moment - the "Tide Pod Challenge", except the challenge is highly unsafe and can get you hospitalized.

Back in April 2016, a study published in Pediatrics Monday found that there was a rise in the number of children getting their hands on the bright coloured pods and it was having devastating effects on them.

College Humor posted a video about eating laundry pods in March 2017. An alarming number of teens are uploading videos of themselves trying out this challenge, despite the fact that Tide and other laundry detergents are highly toxic are not mean to be consumed.

At the moment, the Tide pod challenge appears to be a joke and it does not seem that anyone has actually eaten the pods yet. Ideas, and even dares about eating the pods followed on Reddit and Twitter.

But biting and ingesting the laundry pods can result in a life-threatening situation.

Warning issued after teens eat laundry detergent pods for new internet challenge
Warning issued after teens eat laundry detergent pods for new internet challenge

But beyond that, experts say the pods pose another risk. In some cases, some of the detergent could even find its way into the lungs and cause breathing difficulties. Aleguas said he's seen situations where people who don't know they have underlying medical conditions try a stunt like this and must be rushed to a hospital.

According to USA Today, Tide Pods have a safe handling page on their website which tells consumers to drink a glass of milk and go for help straight away if they accidentally swallow one of their pods.

If you ever ingest a substance you're not sure about, call the Indiana Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222.

Tide parent company Proctor and Gamble released a statement saying, "Our laundry pacs are a highly concentrated detergent meant to clean clothes and they're used safely in millions of households every day".

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