LG unveils new 65-inch rollable television

Sheri Evans
January 12, 2018

Now, an expensive little robot not working when you want to get recipes or check on your laundry is one thing, but LG is looking to make a play in the services market with special robots optimized for hotels and groceries. LG is just showing us one way of how its rollable TV could be put to use, which in this case is by hiding the display when not in use. The company's latest advancements of its IPS technology will also be exhibited to emphasize its industry-leading LCD displays. The 65-inch UHD rollable LG OLED display the company chose to amaze us with will be showcased at CES 2018 this week. This startlingly slim TV drops all the normal gubbins you expect from a TV, leaving you with the OLED panel that you affix to the wall, with an accompanying Dolby Atmos soundbar that also contains all the connections and brains to drive the TV.

LG is making it big this year at CES. LG Display wasn't exactly keen on people pawing at its screen, but it genuinely felt like I could reach out and touch the images being flashed in front of my eyes.

LG Electronics has unveiled a new flexible OLED display during the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 which is now going on in Las Vegas. At CES 2016 I saw the same concept in an 18-inch size, and it was pretty cool then despite its puny resolution (810x1200, not even high-def) and size. With LG's offerings coming with both, it definitely has the potential to make these stand out more for consumers when they go to look at upgrading to a new TV. This comes in handy for displaying information like news and the weather, as well as photos.

LG's Wallpaper TV with the Google Assistant
LG's Wallpaper TV with the Google

Mr Park said enabling all appliances to talk to each other would allow devices to learn user habits and automatically carry out tasks such as controlling heating and re-ordering groceries.

IHS noted that during the weeks surrounding Black Friday, LG dropped the price of its entry-level B7 series 55-inch and 65-inch 4K OLED TVs by US$200, pricing its lowest tier 55B7 model at US$1,499. The foldable TV can be moved around easily and can also be easier to store.

The Alpha 9 processor will also enable a massive leap in the look-up table - a term you'll be hearing a lot from LG in the New Year.

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