Google and Amazon's artificial intelligence arms race is heating up

Pat Wise
January 12, 2018

Peterbilt Motors Company solidifies its position as an industry technology leader with its display at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas NV.

Meanwhile Korean compatriot Samsung's 2018 QLED televisions will come with the Bixby Assistant built in, and access to Samsung's SmartThings platform.

More than 3,900 companies will be exhibiting their wares at this year's event. One example in this regard is South Korean tech giant LG, which is expected to debut an advanced television set operated by Google Assistant, one of the leading artificial intelligence devices now in the market; in fact, quite a few other tech firms plan to incorporate Google Assistant into their products.

At last year's CES, Amazon dominated the news cycle with numerous announcements by companies that were adding Alexa technology to their gadgets. These advances in technology could revolutionize the gadgets we use and the ways in which we use them, though numerous things we'll see at CES 2018 will probably be a way's off from public release. The Amazon Echo was the only real smart speaker you could get for a while, so I wouldn't be surprised to see if Alexa is one of the most popular choices by our readers. CES is developing the space for self-driving technologies by more than a third this year.

Home-entertainment equipment is expected to be among the technologies overhauled at CES this year, with LG promising to unveil the largest OLED television to feature an 8K resolution - more than double the sharpness of top televisions now on sale. This uses a new technology branded Micro LED, which uses individually lit LED pixels, without the need for backlighting.

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The front of the 4k OLED display works and looks just like a regular TV screen. Apple and Samsung typically announce those at their own events. There will also be virtual-reality and augmented-reality technologies, some aimed at sports fans who want to feel they're more part of the game. This year, we already know that Amazon is partnering with appliance makers to build Alexa into new products such as microwaves and conventional ovens.

There should also be no shortage of flying drones overhead and scurrying robots underfoot. One category to watch is mobile service robots, which can handle deliveries and other simple tasks.

Although CES is about consumer electronics, consumers will never see numerous technologies on display.

After all, 5G will offer much faster speeds than 4G LTE. "That really wasn't apparent two or three years ago".

"Now every company and business defines itself as a tech company".

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