OnePlus to stick with Dash Charge, no wireless charging for now

Sheri Evans
November 9, 2017

Reported; The Company claims that with Dash Charge technology, users do not need to worry about keeping the handset on the wireless charging pad in the best position every time. There's no denying the convenience of being able to charge your phone simply by putting it down onto a pad.

Wonder whether wireless charging will make it to the OnePlus 6? Now, the CEO has revealed that the OnePlus 5T will not come with Wireless Charging while also explaining why the company has excluded this feature.

The reason why the company changed its decision is that wireless charging gives the power output of 15 watts which is comparatively less than what dash charge technology offers. "Wired quick charging solutions like ours clearly outshine wireless on quantitative measures", Lau wrote. However, Lau says that the same is possible with Dash Charge as it "stays cool and power efficient" while providing "enough power for the day with just one charging session".

The main reason Lau's team decided against wireless charging, however, is because of power consumption. He also believes to use a wireless charger - one is required to keep their device properly aligned on the pad in order to get the advertised charging rates and energy efficiency. Dash charging just needs an adapter and a cable whereas wireless charging includes messy things such as tables, lamps, cables, and the list is long. With just a few days left for the launch, the company CEO Pete Lau disclosed that the OnePlus 5T will provide support for dash charge technology.

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They're solid points, but it nearly sounds like he's arguing from an either/or perspective, when in reality adding wireless charging support to the OnePlus 5T wouldn't remove Dash Charge, it would just give you more choice, and surely therefore more convenience. "Given present-day infrastructures, wireless charging brings more limitations than freedom".

As a product guy, it's exciting to see technology advance from theory to implementation. "We'll consider adopting the wireless charging technology when the time is right".

People often talk about wireless charging in homogenous terms, when there are multiple competing standards. "Until then, we'll stick to Dash Charge", Lau concluded.

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