Far Cry 5 Does Have Co-op After All

Sheri Evans
October 31, 2017

As revealed in a trailer at Sony's Paris Games Week shindig yesterday, players will be able to play through the whole of Far Cry 5 with an online friend. The map editor will include new features that add a new dimension to the content created by fans, with more details coming soon. Will any of you be playing Far Cry 5 when it comes out? Alternatively, you could also invite a co-op buddy into your game to fight through main story missions with you. In Far Cry, 4 players were able to play with a friend in co-op mode. All player experience and data will be tracked in the mode, but only the host's single-player story progress.

Far Cry 5 stirred quite a bit of controversy when it was first announced, with the game's bad guys being a bunch of religious cultists - something that didn't quite sit right with the fragile right-wingers that love making a noise on the internet. You can get up to some truly insane stunts with a friend or even complete strangers. You will also be able to share all of the game's missions with another player, working together to complete the objective.

When playing in co-op, your friend will appear in game as a custom character.

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Ubisoft unveiled Far Cry 5 earlier this year, bringing players back from the usual exotic regions to the United States, putting them up against a doomsday cult.

Far Cry 5 is arriving on PlayStation 4 on February 27, 2018, and co-op play will require that both players have PlayStation Plus memberships.

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