Some Lehigh Valley lawmakers call for ban on bump stocks

Bessie Dean
October 7, 2017

The NRA is willing to sacrifice the bump stock attachments that the Las Vegas shooter installed on at least a dozen rifles for one glaring reason - to stave off more far-reaching gun-control measures.

The National Rifle Association, which spearheads America's powerful gun lobby that has blocked all attempts to tighten gun laws for decades, has relented in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre and asked the government to review the sale of devices that allow weapons to shoot rapidly.

Currently the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives states that bump stocks are legal but hey may need to revisit the issue now that even the NRA is supporting the ban.

"While automatic weapons have been illegal for decades, some firearm accessories allow shooters to fire at similar rates to that of automatic guns, and we know that the shooter in Las Vegas possessed such accessories". White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also said on Thursday that the White House will take calls for regulation into account.

"The issue with mechanical devices that allow a full-auto effect - I think we have to examine that", he said on Fox Business.

The endorsement of regulations for "bump stock" came simultaneously on Thursday, from The National Rifle Association and the White House.

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"Bump stocks" are accessories added onto semi-automatic rifles in order to simulate the firing style of an automatic weapon. As you fire, "it vibrates", said Tom Mannewitz, who continued, "and that's causing your finger to keep bumping the trigger-that's why it's called a bump fire stock".

For most people, trigger modifications or bump stocks are means to fire faster for fun.

"He had a whole arsenal of weapons. if he wanted to kill many people he could have used a number of different things. we didn't outlaw 747s after 9/11", said Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa.

But, the focus isn't all on federal laws.

But a congressional gun debate is far from something that Republicans could tackle easily right now.

Georgia Gun Store owner Kellie Weeks said bump stocks are not typically big sellers, but they've started flying off the shelves since Monday. "I would ask my constituents, 'Have you ever been unable to get a gun?' And nearly everyone says to me, 'No, I haven't had any trouble'". "They make the gun pretty uncontrollable", said Baenziger. The NRA President during that time, Karl T. Frederick, told Congress: "I do not believe in the general promiscuous toting of guns".

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