Octlantis: Underwater City of Octopus just discovered by Biologists

Pat Wise
September 20, 2017

The worldwide team of researchers saw the gloomy octopuses meeting up, living together, communicating with each other, chasing unwelcome octopuses away, and even evicting each other from dens - so it seems Octlantis can be quite a rough place to live.

What we do know is octopuses are some of the cutest and coolest creatures living underwater, and if they want to set up subterranean cities then that's fine with us. The octopuses have been seen communicating with each other by posturing, changing their colors, or chasing each others, according to new research from the University of IL.

The site was found in Jervis Bay 33 to 49 feet underwater and lies close to a similar site, which scientists call Octopolis.

This is gloomy octopus city discovered in the location and the findings lend the credence to a thought that says octopuses aren't loners necessarily.

"At both sites there were features that we think may have made the congregation possible - namely several seafloor rock outcroppings dotting an otherwise flat and featureless area", said Stephanie Chancellor, a Ph.D. student in biological sciences at the University of IL at Chicago and an author on the paper.

The researchers form Illinois University in the United States discovered the city of octopuses under water in the Australia's east coast, which is the house of around 15 gloomy octopuses.

Gloomy Octopus
Gloomy octopus

However, in "Oclantis" there is no human object or point of reference to explain the colony.

The second site is located just a few hundred meters away from the first site, and has been dubbed Octlantis.

But University of Illinois-Chicago researcher Stephanie Chancellor said it's possible octopuses were inhabiting the area after a build up of shells from the creatures they had been eating.

"Oclantis" is made out of piles of sand and shells and it is about 10-15 metres under water, and measures 18x4 metres. The number of octopuses observed at the site ranged from 10 to a high of 15. The creatures even chase unwelcoming octopuses away and also expel each other from dens, informed Science Alert. "Mating, signs of aggression, chasing, and other signalling behaviours were observed", Chancellor added.

"At both sites, the octopuses engage in frequent and complex social behaviors that are unusual for many species of octopus". "More research will be needed to determine what these actions might mean".

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